Amazing repertoire of the classics

Pianist / Vocalist / Songwriter


With over 2000 pieces of music in his repertoire Pianist/Vocalist Steve Zackim takes you on quite a journey. From jazz interpretations of all the Standards old & new to jazzy interpretations of the Artists of today like Sting, Billy Joel, Steely Dan, and many more.

As a songwriter composer/arranger you’ll hear original songs from musicals he has written. Steve loves movie themes so you’ll be hearing music from the great movies, as well as interpretations from great classical themes, songs & Overtures from over 50 Musicals.

As well as playing in a contemporary jazzy style, you’ll hear other styles like R&B, Soul, Honky Tonk, Ragtime, Classical, New Orleans & rock & roll, to keep you moving.

Steve has been around the world a few times performing on 5 star cruise ships for people from all over the world. Always taking requests from such diversity of people has given Steve this dynamic repertoire.

Visit Steve’s website at to hear as well as see Steve performing all these great songs. There are over 50 original pieces of music on the site as well. Looking forward to seeing you at the Grapevine taking your special requests and turning you on to new musical experiences.


Steve Zackim at the Grapevine Rye