Upcoming Events at The Grapevine

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Friday 12th October -  The Robert Reid Duo Live

Saturday 13th October - Mick Bolton

Sunday 14th October - Mick Bolton

Friday 19th October - Mick Bolton

Saturday 20th October - Bling Crosbies

Sunday 21st October - Steve Zackim

Friday 26th October - TJ Johnson

Saturday 27th October - Steve Zackim

Sunday 28th 26th October - Mick Bolton



Friday 2nd November -  Robert Reid Duo

Saturday 3rd November - Mick Bolton

Sunday 4th November -  Steve Zackim

Friday 9th November -  Robert Reid Duo

Saturday 10th November - The Bling Crosbies

Sunday 11th November -  Mick Bolton

Friday 16th November -  TJ Johnson

Saturday 17th November - Mick Bolton

Sunday 18th November - Steve Zackim

Friday 23rd November -  The Violet Jive

Saturday 24th November - Steve Zackim

Sunday 25th November -  Mick Bolton


Saturday 1st December - Mick Bolton

Sunday 2nd December - Steve Zackim

Friday 7th December - Robert Reid

Saturday 8th December - Steve Zackim

Sunday 9th December -  Mick Bolton

Friday 14th December - Robert Reid

Saturday 15th December - Mick Bolton

Sunday 16th December -  Steve Zackim

Friday 21st December - Violet Jive

Saturday 22nd December - Bling Crosbies

Sunday 23rd December -  Mick Bolton


24th December - To Be Announced

25th December - Mick Bolton

26th December -  To Be Announced

Friday 28th December - Mick Bolton

Saturday 29th December - Steve Zackim

Sunday 30th December -  To Be Announced

Monday 31st December - Mick Bolton

Every Thursday

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Champagne Cocktails by Chris Cogan 

Thursday Nights from 6.30pm to Midnight

Specialty Cocktails just £8.50